Day 04 – May 17

Dresden – Katowice

Another long day driving. I have seen a lot of nice views along the route, but not really had the chance to stop on every corner. I am now at my hotel in Katowice.

BTW those Polish people are driving as lousy as they do when they are in the Netherlands. There are roadsigns with some numbers on it, I assume they have to do with something like speed limit and not allowed to overtake like these:

Probably the meaning here of these signs are: Drive at least 50 kilometer / hour and if you are driving in a red car, you are not allowed to overtake a black car.

O well here some pictures from today:

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  1. alchemist says:

    Wow, these sceneries look a bit, err, free of people :-)

    Hope you’re enjoying your trip, don’t forget the road signs and see you tomorrow! ;-)


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